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Karen Ingman is a leading well-being service provider in London. She delivers training in yoga, breath work, and mindfulness that improves well-being, resilience and focus, and relieves stress. She also coaches in health & nutrition, as well as one to one life coaching, and offers massage and acupuncture as part of a stress relieving package.

"I regard mindfulness, as it is coined these days, as living life fully, which means living in the present moment as if each moment really matters.
My preferred practice of mindfulness, is one that incorporates the mind, as well as the body and the breath.
When you involve the physical with the gentle movements and breathing that we teach in yoga, you add another dimension of transformation
that effects a positive change in your mind and emotions, as well as your muscles and tissues.
The ancient yogis discovered yoga through this wisdom, and it is why I feel yoga practice is an easier and complete way of learning to live with presence, and is very effective in changing our attitudes to the way we live, work and relate." 



Whatever your beliefs, regardless of your body type, whatever your age, and path in life.


"When I first started yoga at work with Karen Ingman I had never practiced yoga before but immediately fell in love with how the class made me feel. Karen was so supportive as a teacher and encouraging – exactly what you need when beginning something that initially seems outside your comfort zone. Within weeks yoga had become an essential part of my work-life balance. Working within a pressurized industry with tight deadlines every week, Karen's lessons also gave me the tools to learn how to switch off and relax, and how to deal with stress. It also gave me the opportunity to socialise with colleagues – away from the normal office or after-work bar environment. And during the ups and downs of life, the lessons I took away from Karen's classes, have been essential in my ability to cope with pressures and stress, and to feel generally much happier." 

Maria O Connor
Editor, Grazia Magazine

"Karen's private one to one yoga lessons with some acupuncture cured my back pain, its as simple as that! I am an IT desk bound manager with a history of back pain due to an injury. Karen's knowledge of the body and her health experience is impressive. Karen taught me about correct posture and breath, with tips for work, and I still use the yoga repertoire that she gave me to practice at home. She also gave sound advice on health and nutrition, all of which have contributed to a far better life. I am definitely going to try her Mindfulness Course at work next!"

Jonathan Unsworth, IT Manager,

"After attending two workshops I can only say that I cant wait to learn more. Karen's body knowledge and way of working is very intuitive and one can feel the layers of awareness and levels of deep work being uncovered as you are gently led into that beautiful space that yoga creates in your breath, your body and your life. Her gentle, unassuming approach belies her diversity and deep store of knowledge and wisdom which i hope will be revealed and uncovered, just as the deep layers are in asana. The whole concept of potential exists at every space of the practice, this yoga resonates with my life philosophy."

Lisa Slabbert

"Karen is an inspiring and outstanding teacher of yoga that knows a lot about the body and its connections, besides always taking me on a journey towards myself and universal spirit that connects all life. ...this is truly special. Her gentle and inclusive manner is rare. Thank you Karen."

Jane Behrends

"Karen is a very intuitive yoga teacher who encourages mindfulness and supports her students to be better human beings. Her teaching style is gentle and poetic, focusing on awakening the spine and increasing flexibility without forcing, and in a non competitive environment. I have had the priviledge of doing several Scaravelli classes and workshops with Karen and always leave feeling rejuvenated, alive and inspired!"

Josephine Byram

"I have been Karen's yoga student for many years, having started working with her during my teacher training ten years ago. Karen has been a strong mentor for me both in my practice and in my teaching. Her workshops are always a huge treat, as she is the only teacher working authentically in this approach who regularly visits South Africa. Watching Karen's body, from the strength in her feet to the wonderful freedom of her spine, is inspiring and enlightening. This conveys more strongly than the power of words, the message of her teaching. I love her pace, which allows plenty of time for my body to really slow down, release tension and find new openness. By the second day of the last workshop I found myself in a very focused, deep state of total awareness of my body and breath. In that state I found shifts happening and new areas that had been tight or neglected opening up completely. I was reminded of the simplicity of feeling the earth underneath me and felt how this truly awakened, not just my spine, but my entire body and being. I thank Karen for continuing to be a beacon that in a world of diverse yoga styles keeps me on track and lights my way."

Eve Cunard

"Thank you so much for the wonderful day of yoga yesterday.
I am truly blessed that people like you crossed my life's path. There's no way to imagine where my body would be now without yoga intervention.
You've asked for feedback before, so if you don't mind I'll just share some thoughts...

Your classes make me feel safe, secure, relaxed in the knowledge that I'm in good, capable hands.The slow and steady approach is very effective and gives the body opportunity to ease and release into an asana without any expectation. Because of that, there is more "successes" and it does wonders for the mind as well - one can literally have that inner smile at managing to go that bit further.

Your comment that being flexible does not necessarily mean one is doing the pose correctly, was a reminder to remain attentive in one's practise. Slumping can so easily become a habit, and in doing the "flexible thing" rather than doing it the correct way can cause damage and undo the good that was previously achieved.

Unlocking blockages - thanks for that. Often one wants to "get there" and ignores, or just plainly does not listen, when your body tries to get your attention. Just that stepping back a bit, readjusting slightly or giving it a bit of a break helps tremendously. And next time it's so much better and easier!

One of my difficulties is to "find my feet" and get rooted. The pointers you gave yesterday will certainly help me to do that, especially in letting the toes grow forward, while the heel becomes big and broad.

What was really helpful to me, was the way you explained which muscles are active, which should not be involved and how to build up the "flow".

Last but not least, the way you started in letting us feel the space and opening up all the channels throughout the body, was just amazing and the best preparation for practice I have experienced. Not only does one become aware of the wonderment of the body, but to actually feel life’s breath and fluidity is wonderful and soothing and in my case, even stabilized emotions. All becomes one in the now ... and that is what it is all about.

Warm regards and much love."


"Working with Karen is like an intense massage and retreat all at once. When she takes you through Scaravelli , it is True healing on the mat ... She creates a safe place to explore your body , a sanctuary and union of body and breath.

This practice brings in to order the body,mind,spirit, with the past , present and future. This type of yoga is real healing. As you breathe , your are constantly reminded to remain grounded in your practice , connecting to earth through breath. allowing that energy to flow through you throughout the entire time spent on the mat. The breath is first and foremost before, during and after any posture and Karens focus front and centre is always on breath."


"My decision to attend Karen's yoga and mindfulness course that was offered at work, was a turning point in my life and I have never missed her twice weekly yoga classes. She also gives very useful tips on how to destress and the mindfulness course has changed my life because what she has taught me has enabled me to live life joyfully without the stress and worry. The breathing has helped me hugely to cope with life's stresses at work and at home with the kids, and to be much more focused. Having tried other yoga classes I can honestly say that Karen's style of teaching is the most nurturing and effective form of yoga for mental and physical well-being. I hope that Karen stays with us for a long time!"

Carolyn Carew, BornFree Media

"Just back from a wonderful week in Suleyman's Gardens in Turkey. Each day we went deeper into our practice in the yoga shala amongst the grape-laden vines, looking out across the garden and the Aegean Sea, such a beautiful spot under Karen's careful guidance. Felt very cared for and nurtured. So glad I chose this course, it was perfect, lots of work with the breath and a deep earth connection, loved it and will be back. Thanks Karen and thanks for the wonderful food and tranquility of the venue."


When you bring freedom to your body,
your mind becomes free also,  and you cope with stress and life's
challenges with a more peaceful, open and determined approach.

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