Research shows that most successful people have had a mentor in life.

We offer private and group life coaching to all employees and management with or without NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). With coaching our goal is to unlock people’s potential to maximize their performance. We work together with you to build awareness and responsibility, meaning and purpose, to facilitate you finding your own answers, and to support you on this journey as you make the changes towards fulfilling your potential and purpose.

Sessions involve mentoring you through steps towards your goals in your life and work, exercise, yoga, health, diet and nutrition. We look at the work life balance, problem solving, motivation, leadership, and many other areas, so that you make the changes to achieve what you set out to, and fulfill your dreams.

The process is monitored with goal setting and a plan, worked out together so that you can check your progress towards fulfilling your goals, together with feedback and assessment. Private life coaching is strictly confidential. This involves awareness, transformation, growth and fulfillment, which positively effects all areas of your life. 

Book online for all your needs or for more information on our consultations, classes and courses contact: Karen on 07896204441 or send a message via the contact form.