Massage & Acupuncture

We come to you. You book, arrive, relax, and leave feeling great!
Appointments can be made here on the website. 

We offer Swedish massage with acupressure, and/or deep tissue massage, for a highly effective treatment which gives quick relief of tension and tight muscles, especially of the shoulders, upper back, neck and arms.
We use excellent quality fully licensed essential massage oil with 100% natural ingredients called the Hysan Muscle Comfort Oil, to promote blood flow and tissue repair.

Massage combined with acupuncture or dry needling, of the shoulders, neck and arms is even more effective in relieving tight muscles, tension, stress and acid build-up.
Treatments can last anything from 15 minutes to one hour, according to your time and preference.

Regular sessions are recommended to significantly reduce physical and mental stress, of desk and laptop work, work overload, and even 15 minutes a week is very effective to promote increased comfort and relaxation.

We recommend: a weekly 30-60 minute massage with or without acupuncture combined with yoga & mindfulness, and health & nutrition for optimum well-being.
We offer 15, 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute massages to give you relief from the stress of work, deskwork and life.

Giving yourself this treat is part of caring for your life and living more fully. You are worth it. You deserve to feel comfortable and good, especially when you work so hard, and when you feel good, you work more productively!

See yoga & well-being  courses  and health & nutrition pages. Make well-being your priority and your way of life. 

Book online for all your needs or for more information on our consultations, classes and courses contact: Karen on 07896204441 or send a message via the contact form.